Why Your Guest Post Should Not Be Your Best Post?

I’ve long been a believer in guest blogging. Not only is it one of the best ways to drive traffic to a blog, but it’s also a great way to exercise…

Your Creative Muscles !

The downside to writing guest posts is twofold:

1. Writing for another audience can be difficult because you have to shift your mindset into the core of what makes another blogger tick. If you fail here, your guest post will likely go unread, or at best, unappreciated.

2. It’s tough to decide what type of post to write. Do you give away your best content to other blogs, or do you save it for your own blog?

The first problem gets better over time, but the 2nd is a challenge…

You’ll Always Face !

Of course, you’ll find people on both sides of that argument, but I’ve always tried to write guest posts of equal or greater quality to my regular posts. The reason is simple, doing so gives you a greater chance of getting a post approved, and gives foreign audiences a real glimpse at…

Your Blogging Skill !

Thus, the advice I’ve given to other bloggers writing guest posts has been to write the best you can, and give it all away.

that’s About to Change !

Consider This…

[box]You’re at the bar and see that the bartender is giving free beer samples, but instead of tiny cups, you get a big mug and the license to drink as much as you want, as long as you want.[/box]

In this scenario, would you buy a beer? The answer is simple…

Of Course Not !

Why would you pay for something you could get for free, especially if you can fill up on delicious alcoholic beverages without worry? This is why you don’t find unlimited beer samples at the bar, and why you should reconsider giving your best content away for free…

On Another Blog !

If you write a complete guest post; something that just rocks their socks off, then what reason would they have to visit your blog? They’re already full on great content; they don’t need to click to read more because…

You’ve Given Them
All They Need !

What if instead the bar gave you a 4 ounce glass and told you you could have a sample of any beer you wanted, but just one. You take your little glass, drink your sample, and get your beak wet. Suddenly…

You’re Thirsty for More and
Buy a Beer !

Think about content the same way. Get someone’s beak wet. Give them a taste of your best stuff, but not the whole thing. Pique their curiosity, get them excited about what you have to offer, and then ask them to click to your blog in order to…

Get the Real Story !

This is how you write a guest post baby, and this is how you build an audience of people ready to devour your content. Think about it, and share your thoughts below.

Stay Curious,

The Bad Blogger

Also Known As “The Bad Guest Blogger”


  1. says

    Here i have a point,
    You just said that we can ask them to visit our blog in order to get more of some story which they have already got some idea about, well, my query is about “Will the blogger allow you to post a story which directly asks the visitor to go to a different blog? I think No. If someone does allow you, then will the visitor be interested in reaching out to your blog and reading the whole story out there? I know this might be a bit annoying for both of them, but this is something to think about. And also, what if you decided to guest post on a blog, which has a bit different niche and audience.. How would you control your content flow according to that blog? Let me know..
    Prithvi recently posted..What is Web 2.0 ? Review and Services..My Profile

    • says

      First of all, if you want visitors to come to your blog, you won’t find a different niche to guest post, if so that will be suicide, and though there are some people who does that and I’m not going to say is dumb, but surely they will never get any good results.
      Secondly, you said “I think No”… well you should read Copyblogger’s Blog, if you do not know, you can search the word “Copyblogger” in Google and read some of those guest post and you will know the truth of what I said.
      Wong Chendong aka The Bad Blogger recently posted..7 Killer Blogging Seduction Secrets You Have to Know!My Profile

  2. says

    Very interesting points, Wong. I had always assumed that the guest post should be as good as it gets in order to create the best impression of yourself on the new eyes that come upon it but you are very right about giving away your best content to other blogs too. I had never thought about that point. I am guessing that a less-established blogger is more likely to not think about that and just do the best he can in his guest blogs since not many people know him whereas more established bloggers will hold a few cards close to their chest when it comes to guest blogging.

    Jean recently posted..Things to remember before buying Used TiresMy Profile

  3. says

    Good point, but I am going to play devils advocate for a second. Let’s pretend for a second that you were not serving alcohol, but in fact a drug dealer. If you are going to try to attract “repeat business” are you going to give a way some of your inferior stuff to a first time customer?

    Wouldn’t it be safe to say that the person who thought your stuff was inferior wouldn’t come back?

    In the bar scenario you have, you have made a a massive oversite. The people are already in your bar. What if you are trying to open a bar in an extremely competitive market? Can you use the concept of “free beer” to bring people in to your bar. IF the only thing you have going for you is the free beer, you will fail. It all comes to understanding the life time value of a customer.

    Finally, lets go with the overall concept, the blog. I would say I want to send my best material out there. You have the traffic, I want that traffic. Am I going to advertise/ guest post on your blog with inferior material? No way. I am not a one trick pony, and the internet is always evolving.

    People don’t think, oh wait this is the best stuff he has why do I need to go to his blog. If I can consistently post highly captivating, thought provoking material on a consistent basis; people will come to my blog. It’s human nature to be curious. They thought process becomes, what is the material that is not being given away.

    I think that most marketers thing this way. I want to hold on to my best stuff, and then when they visit/pay/etc I will give them the real goods. Ultimately, I have found that by getting them “addicted” to you content you generate a much higher ROI.

  4. says

    With that being said, the challenge is writing a content that is just about right for a guest post. So before you even venture into guest blogging, know yourself as a writer a little better and work on honing your own voice/identity/style. So when you do guest blogging you can craftily manage to dole out a glimpse of what you are fully capable of.
    Reese recently posted..Power of the Extra DollarMy Profile

  5. says

    I thought you were nuts at first when I read the title! But it makes sense after I finished reading it. Always leave em’ asking for more. That way they will want to come and see what you have to offer.

    BTW – silly question. How would one guest post or ask for you to guest post on their blog?
    Jason M recently posted..5 (Not So) Easy Steps to Increase Blog TrafficMy Profile

  6. says

    Hey nice idea and nice theory you got there but see, the quality of the articles and the post you do are much more important. I like your views and opinion. Thanks!
    Vernette Carbon recently posted..Welcome!My Profile

  7. says

    Hi Wong,
    Instead of the parable of the beer, I would say: When you’re on the beach and see a lot of girls completely naked, no bikini, it’s no fun; it takes away the fantasy excitement that we want to wonder how the good-looking girls look like without the bikini. You should always save some of the best things for later (to your own blog or to her bed).

  8. says

    Hey Wong,

    You’re quite right with your theory, But still you should maintain your quality so that you guest post first get approved by blog owner and then able to catch the attention of readers.
    Aasma recently posted..MLM Software in DelhiMy Profile

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