3 Reasons Why You Are Ridiculously Wrong About “Never Write Like You Talk”!

Recently, I read a post on a very popular writing blog that gave the following advice:

“Don’t write like you talk !”

In fact, the author went on to say that…

It Was the Worst Piece of
Writing Advice
She’d Ever Heard !

My first thought was that maybe the author was right… writing like you talk sounds like a bad idea on the surface… but then I realized that her advice was total bullshit, and here’s why:

1. Not Writing Like You Talk Changes Your Process

Even when we’re not talking out loud, most of us have a running narrative going in our head. This narrative often reflects the way we speak, and while it might be a bit more confident, neurotic, or vulgar, it’s the voice we are used to speaking with. Trying to alter that voice in order to create a 2nd personality is not only difficult, but…

Foolish !

We’ve had years of perfecting our own communication skills, namely the way we speak, so why would we suddenly try to recreate a separate voice for the purpose of writing? Many of my best posts are written when I’m able to convert my inner narrative into prose, often word for word.

Why Would I
Alter that ?

2. That’s What Editing is for…

The author’s reason for not writing like we speak is that she’ll include too many um’s, ah’s, and expletives, to which I reply…

That’s What the
Fucking Edit Button
is for !

Of course we don’t speak flawlessly at all times, but that’s the beauty of computers – we can write, edit, add, and remove as we see fit. As a blogger, I often spend more time editing my work than creating it, which I’ve grown accustomed to over time.

That’s What
Good Bloggers and
Writers Do !

To expect yourself to get it right the first time, every time, is ridiculous, and furthermore, if you aren’t taking the opportunity to make mistakes…

How Would You Ever
Improve Your Writing ?

3. You Get to Improve Twice

If you’re writing like you speak, and getting better at it, then you are getting better at both types of communication. As you learn to train your inner, outer, and written narratives, you become a better filter, and as a result…

A Much Better Orator and
Blogger !

I’m much less interested in being perfect to all people at all times than I am in learning, getting better, and growing as a blogger and a person. Trying not to write like you speak is not only disadvantageous…

It’s Fake !

What do you think? Have you read the post? Do you find that you write like you speak, or do you have a second writing voice that’s nothing like your normal dialogue? Let’s chat in the comments.

Stay Who You Are,

The Bad Blogger

Also Known As “The One”

P.S. My comment on that post never got approve, well… may be it got into the spam folder… or just may be… my comment was too brutal in the fact about why she is wrong.


  1. says

    I’ll tell you why I love this article.
    Because it gives me back believe that one day I will actually write my own blog!

    I lost my faith in Internet mostly because it looks so “correct” or “adult”.
    I want to speak freely. And express my ideas. And the only way to do it – is TO SAY WHAT I THINK.
    Remy recently posted..Classic Easter Bunny Gift BasketMy Profile

  2. says

    I really like this part… “The author’s reason for not writing like we speak is that she’ll include too many um’s, ah’s”… Funny but makes seems. I wonder who will be interested to read something with lots of um’s and ah’s. Imagine reading a single page where almost half of the content is filled with these items. That’s pretty crazy!
    Beth recently posted..College Grants For Law StudentsMy Profile

  3. says

    Hey Wong,

    I completely agree with you. My favorite successful internet marketers whom I follow talk like they would in real life. They don’t get technical and make you chuckle sometimes with how they say certain things. It can really add personality to your writing and make it stand out from the rest.

    Not to mention writing will come much more natural to you if you talk like you were talking to someone face to face.

    Great Blog… I love it…

    See you again soon,

    Jeremy Ruggles recently posted..JV Giveaways – I’m addictedMy Profile

  4. says

    Yea, I have seldom differed in my way of writing from my way of talking. In fact, I try to make my way of talking more like my writing, in that, I think more before speaking and try to be as to the point as possible. I notice that people start losing interest the more I beat around the bush, which is the same case with writing, as a short but effective piece catches more attention than a long but shallow piece.

    Jean recently posted..Things to remember before buying Used TiresMy Profile

  5. says

    i agree that we must be ourselves when bloging but isn`t writing and talking the same, writing goes from our brain to our fingers and talking goes from our brains to our mouths

  6. says

    You make some great points here and I have heard not to write like you talk but as you said, it impedes the creative process by limiting the way you write. I also think that if you do write like you talk the reader will get a better idea of who you are as a blogger.
    ASP Web Host recently posted..Web Host ASP NET Hosting PlansMy Profile

  7. says

    Hi Wong,
    Many bloggers try to write academically and it just gets a ridiculous text with lots of misunderstandings and usually a boring article that no one wants to read.

  8. says

    Lol I am so glad WordPress has a preview option . I abuse the crap out of it to try and make sure the post looks and reads right before I mash that Publish button and turn it loose!

    Um, and how else would I write but as myself? Unless I’m writing a technical document that requires a specific method you’re going yo get whatever I decide to type on the screen. If I don’t think like me I’m just faking it and what would be the f’ing point in that? I want people to hear my voice as it were… as deranged as it might seem at times.

    Another great article to help keep me frosty! Thanks!

  9. says

    Hi,Yes i am agree that “Don’t write like you talk” and i thinks it always give bad impression to reader.but we really improve by using no-3rd Reason “You Get to Improve Twice” that you have mentioned in article, After writing post we have to do self analysis of post then actual we can improve and i understand that trying not to write like you speak is not enough but think like a reader will improve writing.
    Bhupendra recently posted..5 Ways to Make Money Online With Your WebsiteMy Profile

  10. says

    Hi Wong writing and talking are just the same, they came into our mind and mouth naturally. In fact, I must say that they need to write what they talk because it can give them certain ideas that can help them improve. I agree to No. 2 reason, what can be the use of editing if we are writing in script manner and not in our way. Thanks for the reasons you have shared Wong and maybe that author never realized that writing is a free way style.
    Tracyann0312 recently posted..לימודי אילוף כלביםMy Profile

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