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It really is a crazy world out there, especially online, so what I have decided to do is give you a comprehensive guide that will teach you what you need to know to be able to quickly spot a scam site. You will also get an awesome manual too!

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7 Sexiest Tips To Optimize Blog Post For Free Organic Traffic!

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Blogging is my #1 business model. With it, you can rant, share, connect, persuade, sell and pique any damsel to listen to you.

When we talk about attracting traffic to a blog post, a lot of people frown at it, because, it looks insurmountable. And you may ask, “Is there anything sexy about free organic traffic?” Well, I’m here to unveil my lady’s birthday gift and show you how we’ve been generating quality free traffic from Google.

1. Who Are You Writing To?

Do you really know who your readers’ are? Don’t you think you should know who gets your post and what they would do with it? These questions are the first steps towards enhancing your blog and getting it unto the right eyeballs.

If a 2-year old should throw this question at you, what would your response be? Knowing who you’re writing to would eliminate every guess work and give you an open check to cash in. A lot of bloggers are yet to understand this simple secret of successful blogging and that’s why they still struggle to please search engines.

It’s time you forget about web traffic for a moment and study your readers. Are they entrepreneurs, bloggers, webmasters, freelancers, media professionals etc?

2. What Do They Want?

If you truly understand your audience, you’ll know what they’re looking for. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers who write blindly. Your audience is coming from Google mostly and they use key terms when searching for information online.

Until you know what they want, you won’t even convince them you’ve solutions, let alone persuading them to buy your products.

If your audience/readers are entrepreneurs, they would likely buy any e-book, software or membership access, because they want to grow their business. If your readers are mostly bloggers, getting them to buy even after you engage them would be difficult.

When writing your posts to get free organic traffic, be sure of what your audience want and use it as bait.

3. Craft Sexy Headline

What’s the first thing that attracts you to a beautiful lady? Is it the hair, the face, the legs, etc.? Naturally, I think the most visible session in a person is the head. In online marketing and blog writing, the headline is the most powerful place to get people convinced.

Most times, I’ve purchased e-books and software, not because I needed them but because the headline was superb.

I couldn’t leave without investing in it. In the same vein, look at your headline as the core target where the right arrow should hit.

Some words will gladden the heart of a damsel (beautiful lady), while other words will put them off.

Know the right words to squeeze into your headline and do it creatively. Have the keyword you’re targeting on the left before adding a verb (action word) on the right. Do this and you would automatically increase your chances of benefiting from organic traffic.

4. Optimize Beautiful Photos

It’s not enough to have images on your post, you should optimize it accordingly.

Everything that happens on your post has a direct correlation with how search engines see you. If your image isn’t optimized, you’re indirectly telling search engine spiders that the image is awkward and unsuitable for the post.

In that case, it’s going to affect the content itself. That’s why you must optimize your photos. Add your target key phrase as the image title. Don’t forget to add your keyword as the “alt” text so that readers and viewers could decipher what image is loading (on slow connection).

The description is also vital to your overall post performance. After Google spider looks at the title and the alt, the next place is the description. So, make it sticky by adding your key term and few sentences. This is going to lure other users who search online for images on your specific topic.

5. Bookmark Your Post

In the relationship world, bookmarking is like “getting the phone number” of an ideal lady whom you just met, but she was in a hurry. When you exchange contact details especially the phone numbers, getting back and keeping in touch is very simple.

Once you hit the publish button on your WordPress admin area, it’s not over yet.

You need to exchange the published link with other authority blogs. When you bookmark, you’re telling Google to check out your web pages and see the new ‘stuff’ you’ve for her searchers.

Bookmarking is also a juicy link building technique. Even though the links you get are no-follow, it still counts because of domain age, domain authority, Custom Rank and off-page links pointing to these bookmarking sites. You can bookmark at: jumptags.com, digg.com, kirtsy.com, dropjack.com, connotea.org, blinklist.com, facebook.com etc.

6. Strengthen Your Post

How do you strengthen a blog post?

It looks quite simple, but few bloggers only are practicing it. The moment a post goes live, you need to get comments on it as quickly as possible. The first week of publishing a post is very vital. It’s going to define what happens to that post in the next 5 months – 2 years.

If you fail to get comments, shares and natural links from external and relevant blogs, you’ll struggle to rank that web page.

Strengthening is actually fun if your content is helpful, informative, hot and easy to comprehend. You don’t have to ask anyone to broadcast, share or retweet. They would willingly send it to their friends and fans. Your job is to research and craft engaged content.

The more comments, shares and recommendations your post receives, the more relevant and importance Google places on it. So, get people involved and see how much traffic you will attract.

7. Can You Write Consistently?

If you could write consistently, you’ll not have to bother about spiders crawling and indexing your pages. I’ve actually seen the importance of frequent blog update. I recently started a personal finance blog. Within 2 weeks of launching it, my Alexa rank dropped from 12,000,284 – 347,038. That’s a huge success I must tell you.

Often, bloggers are distracted by things happening on social media sites. A blogger friend of mine wouldn’t mind being on Twitter for 4 hours. He barely writes on his blog and when I ask him why, he answered, “I don’t have enough time.”

We know that time is precious and priceless, that’s why we need to invest it and write on our blogs. If you guest post, don’t forget your blog – mind your business and grow it!

Sexy Blog Quote:

“If you want to woo and wow your readers, concentrate on what keeps them awake by 12.00 a.m. (mid night)”— Michael Chibuzor

Sending the right signal to Google is quite simpler than you think. It would actually happen on its own when you take time to write what they want. Keep doing this and you’ll succeed long-term. See you at the top!

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