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Do Not Get Scam Online !

It really is a crazy world out there, especially online, so what I have decided to do is give you a comprehensive guide that will teach you what you need to know to be able to quickly spot a scam site. You will also get an awesome manual too!

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Young Entrepreneur Blogger – Are You One Of Them ? :(

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Nowadays there are many young blogger talking about making money blogging. Not all but most of the blogger had the same kind of claim that almost destroy not just their images in blogging but also the images of blogging community. So, what’s the damn claim they had made that made up all this? Well, guess what…

They Claim
They Are Living  A Blogging Lifestyle And
Is Sharing Their Knowledge To You !

First off… most of them are bullshit, only a few are the real young dudes that really live a blogging lifestyle like no others. You may be asking, how do I know who is making money from their blog and who is not… well… all you have to do is see…

If They Are Selling
Any Product Of Their Own !

You see, just imagine you got to an average blog and you wanted to know who the author is and you went to the “about me” page and read about the author of the blog, and within the introduction of the author, it said… his an internet or blogging entrepreneur and  his living a Dot Com lifestyle, but guess what?

His Blog Doesn’t Sell
A Damn Thing !

So, where does he make money online? From banners? well… unless his  traffic is almost like John Chow, most probably his banner cost are low. Or may be he had Adsense? well…  unless his traffic is almost like problogger,  most probably his Adsense doesn’t get any clicks at all.  Look, can you claim yourself an internet or blogging entrepreneur living a Dot Com lifestyle….

When You Had Nothing To Sell On Your Blog And
Hardly Get Much Traffic From Google !

I sure don’t, and I never claim to be living a Dot Com life style, the only thing I claim is… I know where to get hot-information from top blogger and marketer. Now, if you are a beginner and wanted to learn how to blog, or may be you want to know more about how to make money from your blog, of course you can read those blog but be aware…

Their Content May Not Be Right !

And I don’t claim my content to be right too. And may be what I’m writing to you now… may just be another bullshit post, but hear this… not everyone is perfect, not even the best or professional marketer or blogger out there, but…

Being Honest Of What You Claim And Write,
Is Still Better Then Lying What You Claim And Write !

I know, I know, there are always liars and scum out there, and no matter how many people talk about being honest, there’s nothing we can stop, so I’m going to give you some points on identifying them and at the end “YOU” will choose for yourself whether or not, you going to follow their blog because not all of their content are absolute…

Bullshit !

[box]Here You Go…

  • Read about their “about me” page, and see what they claim to be.
  • If they claim they are making money from blogging, look around their blog to see, if they are selling any product of their own.
  • If they claim they are making money from Adsense, look at their Alexa ranking, and see if their traffic is absolutely high volume.
  • If they claim they are living a Dot Com lifestyle, see if there is any picture of him living that sort of lifestyle.
  • If they claim they are all the above, Google their name and see what result the search engine give you.

All the above points are what I usually look for if I personally think the person’s claim are fishy. For example, David Risley, when I first got to his blog, he claim to be a six figure professional blogger, I read about him and do some search from the above points, guess what?

His Real !

For the reason, he had got his own product and membership and pictures of him living a Dot Com lifestyle, and moreover, he had been with other top marketers that actually prove…

His A Real Six Figure
Professional Blogger !

Although, his not a young blogger, the above was just an example to show you how I identify if the person is real and not a liar or scum. So, I do hope, if you are reading this, be honest to your readers and also…

Be Honest To Yourself,
Don’t Claim,
If You Are Not !

Stay Frosty

The Bad Blogger

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Well… It’s Your Choice…”

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  • iPhone 4 Jailbreak 02/02/2011, 7:11 pm

    I don’t really know what to think about this, many people claim doing 6 figures online and then they end-up selling you an crappy ebook and that’s how they make money. But not sure it’s really 6 figures…
    iPhone 4 Jailbreak recently posted..iOS 43 Bêta 3 disponible au téléchargementMy Profile

    • The Bad Blogger 07/02/2011, 9:30 am

      Well, not all but most are just bullshit, although I do not had the magic to really proof most of this bullshit, but seriously… you will know if you had been online long enough and also been in the make money blogging industrial long enough….

  • Kirsty 15/01/2011, 9:02 am

    Some people who just know how to blog and earn a little thought they they know all already. But actually they don’t know the purpose of what they are doing. They don’t even know why it is done and anything about SEO.
    Kirsty recently posted..CouponPress Review – Coupon Theme for WordPressMy Profile

    • The Bad Blogger 15/01/2011, 8:53 pm

      well, I too do not know much about SEO, I really don’t like to self-claim myself as any status but being a blogger, I really just rather be knowing what is right and what is wrong…

  • Sandro 08/12/2010, 6:22 pm

    Honesty has become a rare virtue in real life, and so, in internet as well..I believe just John Chow and a small bunch of top marketers are capable to make a solid income from their blogging, but I would personally stay away from dudes born from nowhere, who claim they make several thousands a month with adsense and such, showing photoshopped “proofs” of their earnings on their websites… who d’you think you’re foolin’?
    Sandro recently posted..Novecento – Movin’ on 1984My Profile

    • The Bad Blogger 09/12/2010, 6:16 am

      well… some newbies and beginners might be fool… that’s the problem…

  • Richard 05/12/2010, 12:17 pm

    You always have to take these internet claims with a grain of salt. I like to look to see if the person appears to know what they are talking about. I also want to see if their content is actually quality and readable. Then whether they have a product or are selling a product.
    Richard recently posted..How to Promote Your Blog ArticleMy Profile

    • The Bad Blogger 05/12/2010, 1:04 pm

      well… it’s always personal decision making at least you know what to check to see if the person is real… that great…

  • Dean Saliba 05/12/2010, 4:48 am

    I’ve never liked how easy it is for people to make one Dollar online and then call themselves a guru or an MMO expert. Today I visited a blog that receives 20 hits a day yet he is claiming to be earning $1200+ a month from the blog in Adsense alone.
    Dean Saliba recently posted..5 Sites To Sell Your BlogMy Profile

    • The Bad Blogger 05/12/2010, 1:02 pm

      lol… that’s really awesome… may be one click cost a few hundred…. lol

  • Sourish 04/12/2010, 2:33 am

    in this year 2010 … the scope of making money online through blogging has becone limited … and that scope is for targeted blogs … blogs which serve a small section of internet users … i have a blog for jailbreaking iphone 4 . now that blog serves only jailbreaking needs of iphone users . im targeting only the iphone users with jailbreaking requirements …

    Sourish recently posted..Update 061500 Baseband RedSn0w TutorialMy Profile

    • The Bad Blogger 04/12/2010, 6:01 am

      Well, ur blog still rank number 1 in “iphone 4 jailbreak” keyword which is search in google for multiple times by people around the world….

      • Sourish 12/12/2010, 1:49 pm

        yup , but that is not the only traffic i get , it makes 50% of the traffic , rest i have to target new keywords . All i do is go for one keyword at a time , build up for atleast a month or two , rank for it , then move to next keyword . and this should be the approroach of bloggers who want succes … i have 40% repeat visitors . i hope to have helped a lot of iphone users jailbreak , and that makes me happy as i make money by making people happy … :) .. though i dont have a 100% satisfaction rate ;P
        Sourish recently posted..WiFi Sync – Jailbreak App on Sale 299My Profile

  • Sourish 04/12/2010, 2:30 am

    i want to make my contribution here . Most bloggers who join this proffession think its really easy and they can get easy traffic and money . Though its not the case . most start blogs on markets that are already saturated like “make money online” or technology blogs with a broad area to cover .
    Sourish recently posted..Update 061500 Baseband RedSn0w TutorialMy Profile

    • The Bad Blogger 04/12/2010, 5:59 am

      yes… the fact is is making money is not easy and neither traffic is easy…

  • Robert 02/12/2010, 9:22 pm

    I have to agree with you on all the points you made regarding this issue. Lately, I’m seeing more and more of those who claim they are making tons of money and living the internet lifestyle. I’m not even sure why they feel a need to do that. They sure don’t impress me.

    I feel you’ll get much further by being honest and straight forward with your visitors and subscribers. Your number one goal should be building relationships with your readers and that will never happen if you continually give them a bunch a BS.
    Robert recently posted..The Most Common Myths About Making Money OnlineMy Profile

    • The Bad Blogger 02/12/2010, 10:40 pm

      Yes… being honest and straight sure is right.. and building relationship suppose to what the money origin will come… sometime I just don’t understand why some blogger just don’t understander the element of being honest…

  • iYingHang 02/12/2010, 5:42 pm

    Well you’re right mate. I just hate people who brand themselves a financial freed person when they’re still working full time and blogging part time. How are you by the way?
    iYingHang recently posted..3D Design Software Made Easy For DummiesMy Profile

    • The Bad Blogger 02/12/2010, 10:38 pm

      I’m fine and it’s been a long time since we last communicate.. how’s your blogging business go ?


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